We can easily copy Digital Copy Movies onto Toshiba Thrive, but will be told by the tablet that it can not play them due to DRM protections. Many folks are puzzled at how to get Digital Copy Movies from Blu-ray or DVD work normally on Toshiba Thrive.

As we know, Blu-ray or DVD Digital Copy movies are under DRM restriction. And the fact is we are not allowed to watch these DRM portected movies on an Android Tab like Toshiba Thrive. However, Despite of DRM protection, we can play Digital Copy movies on Toshiba Thrive. What we need to do is to remove DRM portection of iTunes videos and do a conversion. Along with some help from third-party Digital Copy to Toshiba Thrive Converter Software-Pavtube ChewTune, we can easily get around the DRM restirction of Blu-ray(DVD) Digital Copy movies. Then we can transfer and port over them to Toshiba Thrive for playback without any problem.

How to Remove DRM from blu-ray Digital Copy wmv for Toshiba Thrive playback?

When it comes to get Digital Copy Movies played well on Toshiba Thrive, Pavtube ChewTune is about as good as it gets. It is developed as a professional DRM remover and converter software. Using ChewTune, you can fast convert videos and music purchased from iTunes Store, Amazon, Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy etc to popular multimedia devices, such as iPad, Toshiba Thrive, HP TouchPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, PSP, Android phones, etc. Meamwhile the playback of the converted Digital Copy Movies is smooth and decent as possible as original.

Specifically I have succeed in removing the DRM from the digital copy included with The Dark Knight. The “digital copy” actually just a DVD data disc containing two WMV files (one “PC”, around 1.4GB, and one “portable”, around 700MB). These WMV files are heavily DRMed. and so far I have been wholly successful in trying to convert these videos to other formats that I might be able to view on my Thrive.

ChewTune is a simple,easy solution to get Digital Copy movies ported over to the Thrive Tablet for playback. You can remove DRM of Blu-ray or DVD Digital Copy (WMV) movies and then copy them to Toshiba Thrive. After dragging Digital Copy movies to the DRM Removal software. Then follow “Format > Common Video > H.264 Video (*.mp4)” as output format for Toshiba Thrive. At last, you can start the conversion from removing DRM protection and Convert Digital Copy Movies for Toshiba Thrive.

When conversion completes, you can copy and download DRM-free Digital Copy movies onto Toshiba Thrive for normal oeffnen.

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