PS Vita Blu-ray Converter – Watch Blu-ray/DVD movies on PS Vita smoothly

Packing a sparkling 5-inch touchscreen OLED display, the PlayStation Vita delivers amazing visuals whether playing games or watching movies. As a handheld device of console-level gaming, PS Vita is bound to own its drawbacks when it comes to video playback. Currently the PS Vita only supports limited video formats and it isn’t powerful enough to make full use of our discs. So our common Blu-ray or DVD Disc movies can’t be directly transferred and played on it.

In this case, many folks may think of converting a Blu-ray or DVD to PlayStation Vita while they haven’t found an available way? Don’t fret! You just come to the right place. My following article will show you an easy way on how to rip and watch Blu-ray or DVD movies onto PS Vita flawlessly. Besides, I also share somthing on how to get full-screen playback. Read it carefully. Continue reading »

You may have noticed that Sony PlayStation Vita has a beautiful OLED high resolution widescreen. If you are much a movie fan like me, you can make it look so much like a portable media player to watch videos except playing games. Unfortunately, something went wrong when you try to transfer AVI files to PlayStation Vita for playing, below are two related questions:

Q1: The question is I would like to transfer and get some of my movies files onto it for playback on my trip. And most of my video files are in AVI (or Divx/Xvid) format. Does PS Vita play AVI files actually? I know PSP couldn’t but not sure the latest console from Sony can play the most popular video format around.

Q2: Has anyone with an imported Vita tried this? I’m wondering if you can copy .avi files from a USB stick onto the Vita like you can on the PS3.

From the PS Vita official website, you can find the supported file formats of PS Vita, and you can easily get the information that PS Vita cannot support AVI files at all. However, despite lack of offical support, you can watch AVI videos on PS Vita smoothly. I am sharing my experience to help those who are wondering how to get .avi files work normally on PS Vita.

Since AVI isn’t the compatible format of PS Vita, you need to convert AVI to PS Vita friendly format (e.g. H.264 mp4) in advance. In this case, we need a video converter app. Video transcoding tool varies, a recommended one here is Pavtube Video Converter. The program is easy to use yet transcodes and re-code the AVI to mp4 for PS Vita at a super fast speed ( based on NVIDIA CUDA TM & AMD App Acceleration ). Meanwhile the playback of the converted videos is smooth and decent as possible as original. Continue reading »

Top DVD to PS Vita Converter – Download/Put DVD movies on PS Vita for full-screen playback

As part of the Sony PlayStation brand of gaming devices, the PlayStation Vita (also known as “PS Vita” or “PSV”) is the most advanced portable gaming system ever made. The hand-held game machine delivers amazing visuals on its 5-inch OLED touch screen that look almost as good as PS3 graphics. So besides starting the fun away with playing games, ever thought of turning the PS Vita to a portable media player for watching your favorite DVD movies anytime anywhere especially during your trip or when you are tired? If so, read the article carefully. Here it mainly talks about how to transfer and watch DVD movies on PS Vita with best HD video quality.

In the first place, in order to download DVD movies to PS Vita, we need to get some help from the DVD ripping tool to rip and convert DVD to PlayStation Vita compatible video formats. There are many programs out there that allow us to make copies of our DVDs. Here I take Pavtube DVD Ripper as an example to realize the way playing DVD movies on PS Vita. Continue reading »