Summary: Best DVD to new iPad Converter for Mac helps you Convert/Play DVD movies onto the new iPad for playback  with 720p high difinition (HD) quality via Mac Mountain Lion 10.8

Finally, the new Apple iPad arrived at us – not the “iPad HD” or “iPad 3″ as previously rumored. Its dramatically better display and faster content delivery make you suddenly realize what you’ve been missing. Packing with a higher-resolution of 2,048×1,536 Retina Display (twice as many as on iPad 2) , the Apple’s latest iPad offers the most advanced screen in the tablet world. And we can say without reservation that it absolutely rocks for watching HD movies. But, how do we put DVD to the new iPad through Mac OS X while the iOS device doesn’t have a drive for DVD playback?

Of course, I’m not about to pay iTunes’ ridiculous prices to watch movies and TV shows I already own on DVD. Instead, I’ll just rip those DVD discs to the new iPad friendly format along with some help from the third-party software. If you’re interested in doing likewise, check out Pavtube’s DVD to iPad Converter for Mac. (It is available for 20% off Pavtube Coupon when you choose the option before April. 9, 2012.)

The program just the tool for portable device and HD movie fans especially for iPad users. It aims to help Mac users rip DVD even DVD ISO/IFO to iPad/iPad 2/the new iPad playable files with perfect quality. As an ideal Mac DVD Converter for New iPad, it customizes the best video format for new iPad to help iPad users watch DVD movies on the new iPad in full screen with high quality. Also you can use it to edit the movie, such as cropping, trimming, adding watermarks/effects, replacing audio file, and so on. What’s more, based on its advanced video and audio sync technology, the output video file will never meet any audio out of video issues.

The software works like most other DVD rippers I’ve used. Pop in your disc, choose an iPad output profile (H.264, MP4, or HD MP4), and click the “Convert” Button. Then go get a cup of coffee (conversion takes some time). Below is a detailed guide for transferring DVD to the new iPad under Mac Mountain Lion.

Details- Converting and Put DVD to the new iPad with high quality

1. Free Download this new iPad DVD Ripper for Mac to your computer. The equivalent Windows version is the DVD to new iPad Converter, Just get the right one according to your situation.

2. Run the program, load your DVD movies into it. DVD discs, DVD iso or ifo files are all OK.

3. Choose iPad video formats. Click on “Format” box, you can easily find the “iPad” category. As follows:

Since the new iPad’s screen resolution is 2048*1536, the “iPad HD Video (*.mp4)” is recommended.

The supported resolution of the new iPad goes up to 1080p, though video playback and most apps never break out of 720p and DVD only pops up to 720p. For watching DVD videos on the lastest Apple tablet, 720p with 4000~5000kbps is just all right. I find that bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss. Below is the best format settings for the new iPad per my experience, you can take it as reference:

Codec- H.264
Resolution- 1280×720 (HD)
Bitrate- 4000~5000kbps
Framerate- 24fps

Codec- AAC
Sampling rate- 48khz
Bitrate- 128kbps
Channel- stereo

4. After the above steps, start the process by converting DVD to new iPad.

Once the task is finished, locate the converted video files by clicking on “Open” and stream them to the new iPad via iTunes with ease. So there you have it. Pretty Simple! Now just enjoy and watch DVD movies on new iPad the way you like. Hope the article helps.

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2 Responses to “Watch DVD on the new iPad (iPad 3) with best video quality”

  1. I’ve had success using the Pavtube softare to convert my DVD discs to a format playable by my new iPad. I have found the quality to be excellent, however, if you use my Apple TV 3 to stream the result videos to my HD TV for enjoying, I found the quality to be poor, what’s the matter, how can I fix that?

    • In order to acheive that, you can change the setting(bitrates) from your new default iPad3 HD profile to 8000 bitrate, As a result, quality now is very good for streaming with ATV 3. Certainly good enough for my iPad.

      Just have a try!

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